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Inez Griffing

Known as "Dixie Lee" -- Legendary Madam of Wichita Kansas

Until recently, the story of Dixie Lee was more folklore and legend than fact. In 2004, Ann Hathaway and William Griffing collaborated to research and co-author three articles that appeared in the "REGISTER" -- the quarterly publication of the Midwest Historical & Genealogical Society. Two of the three articles attempt to more fully explore the truth about Dixie Lee. "Part 1" provides information on Inez's ancestry, while "Part 2" reviews the highlights of her career as a Madame in both Wichita and Kansas City, Missouri. The third article is a brief biography of Annie Chambers, long regaled as the "Queen of the Red Light District" in Kansas City, who may very well have been Inez's mentor in the brothel business. A fourth link takes you to an ancestral chart for Inez Griffing.

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